How To Stop Nightfall Permanently in 30 Days (Naturally)

Updated: Jan 22

n this article, Dr Zaidi will tell you everything about nightfall and its cure. Read on to find out how to stop nightfall permanently.

Do you know how to stop nightfall permanently and get the lost energy, strength and stamina back?

If you are suffering from nightfall, chances are that you have already adopted all the common measures that you thought would help you get rid of nocturnal emissions.

But then why doesn’t nightfall stop?

Well, this is because just like any other health problem, nightfall also needs to be taken care of with proper guidance and planning.

Randomly switching from one measure to another in an attempt to stop nightfall is not going to help.

In this article, I will tell you a very effective and safe strategy to stop nightfall permanently.

If you follow this nightfall treatment strategy for 30 days, you can stop nightfall forever.

Before we begin, let me tell you that this is going to be a long read. If you really want to stop nightfall forever, don’t skip any part of this post.

Read and understand everything clearly and if you have any confusion, do let me know in the comments section.

So lets start first by understanding what is nightfall and why do you have it?

What Is Nightfall and Why Does It Occur So Frequently?

Nightfall or wet dreams is the involuntary discharge of semen with or without sexual excitation during sleep.

It is also known as wet dreams or nocturnal emissions.

Often a sexually exciting dream leads to orgasm which is followed by seminal discharge.

Nightfall is universal. Every young male experiences nightfall at some point or the other.

But if you are experiencing it in excess, there could be some problems.

Excessive nightfall is caused due to excessive production of the seminal fluid, reduced viscosity of the semen and disturbances in the seminal vesicle.

Eating unhealthy food, abstinence from sexual activity for a long time and weakness of kidneys also play a role in nightfall.

Nightfall is most prevalent at the onset of puberty and during early adolescent age.

As you grow older and your sexual activity increases, the frequency of nightfall decreases.

Studies say that the frequency of nightfall averages around once every three weeks for 15 years old single male, once every five and a half weeks for 40-year-old single male, once every month for a 19-year-old married male to once every two months for 50-year-old married male.

As we age, we become more sexually active and at the same time our testosterone level starts to deplete and that is the reason why nightfall in more prevalent in younger population.

Apart from testosterone, nightfall has its roots in several other factors such as:

  1. Excessive masturbation

  2. Failure to control emotions

  3. Stress and anxiety

  4. Impeded prostate gland

  5. Over-consumption of porn

  6. Faulty notions about sex

  7. Frail nerves

Nightfall does not cause any problem if it occurs occasionally. The problem arises when you have frequent nocturnal emissions (sometimes up to several times per week).

How To Stop Nightfall Effectively?

The treatment of nightfall depends on its root cause. So to stop nightfall it is important to identify its cause first.

A qualified, experienced doctor can help you with that.

But if you can’t pinpoint a specific reason, worry not. Most of the times it is very difficult to find an organic cause of nightfall.

And the strategy I am going to tell you today will help you stop nightfall permanently no matter what its cause may be.

Our nightfall treatment strategy is based on the following 6 points:

  1. Diet modification

  2. Using home remedies

  3. Treatment with specific medicines

  4. Changing certain habits

  5. Meditation

  6. Exercise

Diet Modification to Stop Nightfall

The first thing that you need to do in order to stop nightfall is to keep a check on what you eat in your daily diet.

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of nightfall.

If you are suffering from nightfall, light and easy to digest food should be consumed.

Lauki, Tinda, Sitaphal, Torai, moong daal, mooli, gajar etc are some of such foods that are light and easy to digest.

Heavy and difficult to digest foods like full cream milk, meat, eggs, fish, fried food items, arbi, rajma, paneer etc should be avoided completely.

The best you can do without making an extra effort is to eat food rich in aphrodisiac properties.

Such types of foods improve the flow of blood to your reproductive organ and sexual body parts which help to stop nightfall to some extent.

A few foods that are rich in aphrodisiac properties are pomegranate, onions, garlic. Along with enhancing the blood flow, such foods cure many other health-related problems.

So, you must take such foods during your dinner or breakfast or lunch as salad items if you want to cure nightfall.

There are liquid juices like Amla or Gooseberry, which helps to stop nightfall.

ADVICE – If you are a teenager and worried about the problem of excessive semen flow and nightfall, then make sure you add almond, ginger, or banana in your milk diet. Such foods increase immunity and give relief from the nightfall concern to some extent.

Home Remedies To Stop Nightfall

Now that you have switched to a simple vegan diet, its time to adopt some simple home remedies that will help you get rid of nightfall permanently.

These home remedies will reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions. And at the same time, they will also replenish and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

You can include the following home remedies in your daily routine to stop nightfall.

Coriandrum Sativum for Nocturnal Emissions

Dried seeds of coriander (also known as sabut dhania) is a wonderful ayurvedic medicine to stop nightfall.

Equal amount of coriander seeds and rock candy (mishri) should be powdered and taken one teaspoon two times a day with water.

Coriander seeds are known for their digestive properties, anti flatulent properties and anti anxiety effects.

So if the cause of nightfall is due to weakness of the digestive system and there is nightfall related anxiety in the patient, coriander seeds are specially recommended.

Fenugreek (methi)

Fenugreek has multiple health benefits. It is a rich source of choline, isonitol, biotin, vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, vitamin D, and iron.

Its medicinal properties help improve digestion, cure constipation, arthritis, low testosterone, low libido and inflammation.

Its powder mixed with honey is found to be an effective nightfall treatment.

So if you are suffering form nightfall take one teaspoon of fenugreek powder mixed with pure honey at bed time.

Water Chestnut

Water chestnut, also known as singhada is a delicious fruit. It is a rich source of potassium.

Water chestnut helps reduce blood pressure, soothes the digestive system and reduces the effect of heat generating pitta.

Singhada is helpful in increasing the viscosity of semen.

Eating dried singhada powder daily helps to make the semen thick.

So if the cause of nightfall is due to less viscous semen (water like semen), water chestnut should be your first choice.

How to Control Nightfall With Medicines

Using the above-mentioned home remedies and switching to a pure vegan diet should stop nightfall within a few weeks.

But in case the frequency of nightfall does not reduce, you may need to start using medicines for nightfall control.

The aim of these medicines is to stop nightfall completely or to reduce its frequency to the bare minimum (not more than once in a month).

The following medicines can be used to stop nightfall.

(1) NFC Pack (Nightfall Cure Pack)

NFC pack is specialized nightfall treatment that consist of two ayurvedic medicines – NFC 1 and NFC 2.

NFC 1 contains 60 ayurvedic capsules which are specially designed to increase the retentive power. Its astringent, contrictive and retentive properties helps you to stop involuntary ejaculation of seminal fluid during sleep.

NFC 2, on the other hand, contains 120 tablets that are made from purified bhasm of Qalai.

Qalai is a metal which is changed into fine powder by a specific ayurvedic procedure known as incineration. Once the process of incineration is complete, small tablets are made from this bhasm which are taken twice a day.

Purified bhasm of Qalai is also know as Kushta qalai, which is a renowned ayurvedic/unani medicine for nightfall.

Dosage: Take one capsule of NFC 1 and two tablets of NFC 2 in the morning after breakfast and same dose after dinner. Remember to keep a gap of near about one hour between food intake and the medicine.

Learn more about NFC Package, our specialized nightfall medicine.

(2) Chandraprabhavati

Chandraprabhavati is a classical ayurvedic medicine for nightfall.

It is well known for its efficacy against premature ejaculation, UTI and spermatorrhea (passage of semen / sticky liquid before or after urination).

Chandraprabhavati also helps in joint and muscular pains. Something that is very common in patients having frequent nightfall.

The recommended dosage of Chandraprabhawati is 2 tablets twice a day after meals.

The treatment should be continued for 15 days to one month depending on the severity nd frequency of nocturnal emissions.

(2) Kushta Qalai

Kushta qalai is a classical Unani medicine for nightfall. It also offers excellent efficacy against semen leakage (dhaat rog) and premature ejaculation.

It is available in the market as simple Kushta (“bhasm” or fine powder) and “Qurs”( Qurs in Unani means tablet).

You can take 500mg of the kushta mixed with a teaspoon of butter or ghee daily twice a day.

If you want to take in tablet form for easy consumption, then two tablets of Kushta qalai should be taken with water twice a day.

Kushta qalai is a potent retentive and constrictive medicine. Hence it gives very good results for nightfall and other semen / discharge related issues.

(3) Dhatu Paushtik Churna

Dhatu paushtik churna is a compound ayurvedic medicine to stop nightfall.

It contains “Gokshura”, “Safed Musli” and “Ashwagandha”.

Dhatu paushtik churna helps to increase the semen viscosity by making it more thick.

Its rejuvenating herbs help to replenish the weak reproductive system.

Five gram of this powder should be taken along with kushta qalai or chandraprabhavati for best results.

(5) Majun Arad Khurma

Majun arad khurma is another wonderful nightfall medicine.

If you have been struggling with wet dreams and wonder how to stop nightfall permanently, Majun Arad Khurma should be your medicine of choice.

Majun arad khurma contains several herbs that help to strengthen the reproductive system in men.

It helps to delay orgasm, control semen leakage and stop nightfall.

Dosage: Majun arad khurma should be taken twice a day.

One teaspoon should be taken with two tablets of qurs kushta qalai in the morning before breakfast and same dose at bed time for best results.

Lifestyle Changes For Nightfall Control

By now, you must have stopped nightfall from occuring frequently. But now what? How do you prevent it from coming back again and again?

Well, adopting a few habits in your daily routine can help you stop nightfall and prevent in from coming back over and over again.

So develop the following habits in your daily life:

  • Do not sleep just after dinner. You should finish your last meal of the day at least 2 hours before you go to sleep.

  • Have a light and easy to digest food at night.

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

  • Always empty bladder (urinate) before going to bed.

  • Keep the room temperature warm/normal while sleeping.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing at night.

  • Avoid sleeping on a very soft mattress.

  • Don’t watch sexually stimulating materials before going to sleep.

  • Avoid excessive masturbation.

  • Avoid drinking hot milk at night.

Meditation and Nightfall Control

Meditation is not only for the monks, but you can also do it, and it’s a very effective way to control nightfall.

Most of the times nightfall happen due to sexual fantasies, frequent masturbation, watching pornography, discussing sex talks, etc.

What meditation does to the mind is it helps you to remain cool when you are turning your mind towards sexual fantasies and some other stuff.

When a person is indulging in mindful practices like yoga and meditation, it helps him to reconnect with his inner self and eliminate the thoughts that are no longer beneficial to them at this particular stage.

You all know the basics of meditation and why it’s practiced. It means having no relationship to anything inside your mind.

The inner concentration and the feelings of a human being get controlled when we practice meditation.

Meditation is considered a very effective tool by mindful gurus across the world, and so, medical science also couldn’t deny that practising meditation helps to control nightfall as it helps you relieve stress, anxiety, and gives you the power to suppress your sexual desires too!

Practicing meditation is like delving deep into the oceans of vastness and stillness through which a human mind can control his emotions, thoughts, and learn to align his own life.

And when a human mind learns to control his emotions and thoughts, the chances are extremely high that you will benefit from this home remedy to control nightfall.

Any individual, whether he’s an adult or teenager, mastering how to increase patience and tolerance is very important.

Meditation gives you all this internal power, which is also a blessing and produces well results in controlling the nightfall.

Best Exercise To Stop Nightfall

How to stop nightfall by exercise? Well, there are certain exercises that may help cure nightfall in men.

When an individual feels happier, more energetic, extra confident, then chances are extreme that such type of person hardly remains in the stress or ponder his thoughts towards something like watching porn, excessive sex talks.

And when our mind doesn’t wander on such sexual desires or wander only during the time when it’s needed, we hardly get into that state where the nightfall and excessive semen flow happens.

Building your physical endurance is very important and effective if you are looking to stop nightfall permanently.

You can practice these exercises to stop nightfall anywhere, whether it’s in the park, in your lawn, in your terrace, or in gym centres.

Indulging for 30-60 minutes in a regular daily exercise gives the best result in terms of body development and plus, doing exercise supercharges your metabolism.

If you are wondering how to stop nightfall with exercise, and what type of exercise you should do, then continue reading!

Given below are some simple and effective exercises for nightfall control –

  • Daily sit on the floors folding your legs for at least 10-15 minutes.

  • Sit on the floor with closed legs touching or closer to the genetic part and start shaking both the legs to strengthen the pelvic muscle.

  • To improve the anal sphincter muscle, give in and out pressure with your buttock.

  • Try bringing your legs up to the chest and then slowly release it. Practice it 20-30 times.

  • The indoor exercise to stop nightfall is very easy. Do skipping ropes last 100-200 times before going to bed.

  • Sit and stand at least 50 times continuously.

Additional Tips To Control Nightfall Problem

Don’t Go To Bed Without A Bath

Bathing with essential oils like rosemary, lavender, rose, jasmine is considered one of the best home remedies to control nightfall for ages.

When an individual has a relaxing warm bath, the activity rejuvenates the mind and body to its fullest. Moreover, bathing with essential oils promotes healthier sleep sessions.

Remove Unwanted Toxins From Your Body

If you want to treat conditions of various sexual problems mostly linked to how to stop nightfall, then taking out unwanted toxins from the body is very important.

You can flush out those toxic properties inside your body by taking green tea in your morning and evening routine. Since the drink is packed with antioxidants and collagen, it is obvious it helps to control the problem of excessive nightfall.

Engage Yourself In Productive And Creative Work

There’s nothing greater than reading a book if the craving inside you for the masturbation or some naked and seductive thoughts comes in your mind.

According to trusted studies, writing a journal or reading a book has worked out for most of the people who once was suffering from the problem of nightfall.

Moreover, if you are someone who’s addicted to watching porn and think you get nightfall due to your addiction, then enroll yourself in some mindful learning activities like meditation, exercise, yoga and etc.

Nightfall FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What is the reason of nightfall?nightfall or nocturnal emission is an involuntary discharge of semen while sleeping. It may occur due to increased sexual excitement, prolonged abstinence from sexual activity, hypersensitivity and excessive masturbation. Nightfall is a normal phenomenon in young adults and teenagers and most of the times there is no need to worry. What should I eat to stop nightfall?You should eat simple home cooked food if you are suffering from excessive nightfall. Soak 7 almonds in water overnight and peel their cover off in the morning. Eat this with a teaspoon of honey empty stomach in the morning to stop nightfall. Which medicine is best for stop nightfall?There many Ayurvedic and Unani medicines to stop nightfall like Chandraprabhavati, Kushta Qalai, Dhaat nashak churn, Veerya paushtik churna, safoof salab, Majun Arad Khurma etc. But the best medicine to stop nightfall is undoubtedly NFC (Nightfall Cure package). Nightfall cure package is specially formulated to cure excessive nightfall and spermatorrhea. It is based on 100% ayurvedic natural herbs that provide permanent cure from nightfall. And being herbal it does not have any side effects. How can I stop wet dreams?Wet dreams is a condition where you discharge semen while sleeping. This is generally associated with teenagers who often complain of having watched an erotic dream leading to orgasm and ejaculation. Practically it is impossible to stop wet dreams since it all happens while you are fast asleep. The process is involuntary in nature. However, there are a few precautions that you can take in order to minimize your chances of having a wet dreams. These are: 1. Do not consume pornographic material and sexually exciting content in any form (stories, videos, pics etc). 2. Empty your bladder before sleeping. 3. Do not sleep on your stomach. 4. Do not sleep in very cold temperature. 5. Eat dinner 2 hours before going to bed. 6. Avoid masturbation as much as you can. 7. Do yoga and exercises to control nightfall.

There are several other precautionary measures to stop wet dreams which can be read in the article above. Is it Ok to have nightfall?Nightfall is a completely natural phenomenon. There is nothing wrong with having nightfall. It is just a natural process of ejaculating the seminal reservoir in teenage boys and young adult men. As one ages, the tendency to nightfall decreases greatly. Having nightfall a few times every month is OK. But sometimes the frequency of nightfall increases to several times per week or even daily. In such cases the affected person can have a psychological pressure that may lead to other somatic problems and feeling of weakness and guilt. Does night fall decrease testosterone?Nightfall has no direct connection with a decrease or increase in testosterone levels in blood. There is no study yet to conclude that having frequent nightfall reduces the serum testosterone levels. Does wet dreams affect height?No. Wet dreams do not affect height in any way. Some teenage boys have the misconception that having too much nightfall can stunt their growth. This is completely false and has no scientific relevance.

Final thoughts

There is a lot of confusion regarding nightfall. Some say it is completely normal to have nightfall while others may have a completely opposite opinion.

The fact is nightfall is neither good nor bad for your health. It is a natural process where the accumulated semen gets discharged during sleep. And there is no harm in it.

But if you get it in excess, and there is frequent discharge almost every day or most days in a week then there is going to be some trouble.

In ayurveda, semen (or shukr dhatu) is considered a vital source of health and vitality in men.

It is considered as the basis of life, something which gives origin to life.

For proper body maintenance and cellular regeneration shukr dhatu is essential.

So if your body is depleted of Shukra dhatu (semen) due to excessive loss during nightfall, it is surely going to have a negative impact on your overall health.

So if you don’t know how to stop nightfall, now is the time take action by following the above mentioned strategy.

If you have experienced nightfall in the past, do share your thoughts on how you handled it, and what worked for you.

I will be looking for your comments.

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